Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. There are so many stylish, practical and attainable sink and tapware options. Why settle for second best.

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We all crave more storage, whether that’s a simple storage unit or a large freestanding wardrobe. Keep your shoes, dresses, jackets and shirts tidy and out of the way and inside a wardrobe or hanging neatly on clothes rack.

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In the bathroom where quality is always tested, Superior Design Group specialise in glazing and joinery additions that can help to reinvigorate and give life to a rundown bathroom.

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Superior Design can help you design and manufacture custom displays and shelving for your shopfitting store.

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Custom Products

Shopping around for the final touches to complete your new home or renovation can be time consuming and frustrating, especially when you know what you want, but can’t find it in the right size or colour. At Superior Design Group we can design and install custom joinery in virtually any part of your home. There are endless choices of colours, textures and finishes that will compliment your environment.

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